During recent years, Goldsmiths Lawyers have been retained to act in connection with an increasing number of disputes involving Associations.

It is not uncommon, within Associations, for there to be different groups of members, or factions, who hold very differing views.  It is always to be hoped that members of the Association, including Committee members, will resolve their differences in an amicable way but, in practice, this does not always happen.  In the absence of a resolution of any disputes, some form of litigation or mediation becomes inevitable.  In that situation, the retainer of a lawyer knowledgeable of and experienced in Associations is inevitably a valuable benefit.

Disputes within Associations also often arise because all necessary legal requirements that are imposed upon an Association are not complied with.  The failure to comply with such requirements can be problematic for an Association, and for any Committee.  Clear and precise advice on those obligations is also important for any Association and its Committee.

Goldsmiths Lawyers have advised and assisted both incorporated and unincorporated Associations, both large and small in size.

Experience Matters

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