The firm undertakes all types of defamation cases throughout Australia. The firm acts for both plaintiffs and defendants.

New York Times Story: Missing Apostrophe in Facebook Post Lands a Man in Defamation Court

October 2021

Barrie’s expertise in the area of defamation law has been recognised by the New York Times as they sought his comments in their recent article about defamation law in Australia and the United States.

Recent Federal Court Decision

March 2021


Seven Consulting Pty Ltd v Google LLC [2021] FCA 203 – Preliminary discovery against Google

Being defamed by anonymous reviewers is a common problem. Getting any information voluntarily from Google is also a common problem and usually, it will not provide any user information without a Court order. The process of obtaining the relevant and necessary order is a detailed and precise one.

Experience Matters

Please note that the firm of Goldsmiths Lawyers was acquired as from 1 July 2021 by Rostron Carlyle Rojas LawyersBarrie Goldsmith, who has specialised in commercial litigation, defamation, immigration, and trade & customs law for 40 years, continues to work for the firm as Special Counsel. You can read more about the acquisition at the following link.